Perspire Sauna Studio


Perspire Sauna Studio is one of our ongoing commercial space clients that we are very excited to be connected with. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out GO now! Through the use of infrared saunas they help their members detox, relax, and feel better at a cellular level.


Perspire Sauna studio is dedicated to providing a luxury spa take on an wellness concept that has been around for decades. The end goal is to have you break a sweat in the best environment.

CEO Lee Braun states “The Newport Beach Perspire is stunning! The lobby is modern and minimalist. The sauna rooms have state-of-the-art saunas. A great experience all around." Which describes this space perfectly.

When we began this project the owners made it very clear they want their design to be cohesive throughout each studio that they open to the doors to. This was exciting for us to hear because here at HOD we love their overall branding and the style they are looking for. From the clean lines and minimalist approach, we were able to create a space that was not only inviting but also a creative take on the modern spa environment. After the completion of the studio in the Bluffs center. We were delighted to hear that the owners wanted us to create a spec book with all the materials we selected so that we can begin the renderings and design for all future franchises that are in the works.

As you walk in to this space - Loom chairs are at the entrance of the lobby. From there you will see custom teak shelving, and cabinetry as well as quarts counter-tops. After checking in you will walk down the lighted hallway passing by teak penny rounds along the wall and enter your private state of the art IR sauna space to enjoy 40 minute of uninterrupted detoxing, relaxation and calorie burning sweat.

Stay tuned for more studios popping up in your area and don’t forget to get in there and begin your luxurious sweating experience.


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Nicole Perrault