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Finding the right agent in a crazy market

This week we are talking Real Estate- more specifically finding the right agent for you. In a market so concentrated with so many realtor options out there, it is important to find the right person who gets the job done the right way. The first step to creating a smooth home buying process is to finding an agent that knows what they are doing and knows the market well enough to be your guidance throughout the entire journey. Lucky for you - the hunt is over! Laurence Lee is a local agent who not only cares immensely about the service you receive but takes pride in getting to know what his clients are looking for. Transparency is key in the home-buying process and without it, many clients find themselves walking away unsatisfied. Not with this agent- Laurence and his team make it a point to treat you like family. The key marketing tool in the Familee Realty team. The service they provide usually leads to long lasting friendships even after the transaction is complete. This is the kind of agent you want on your side when making a financial decision this important.

What you can expect when working with the Familee team.

Circling back to the concept of this highly concentrated real estate market in Orange County, what separates a good agent from a bad one can be broken down in many ways. But one that sticks out is the quality of marketing. When searching for the right agent you can definitely “judge a book by its cover” when it comes to marketing tools. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb more than a tacky brochure.. those dark shaded-out of date pieces of flimsy paper can go right in the trash and checked off your list of agents you don't want representing you. With Laurence, you don't have to worry. His marketing is fresh and vibrant and draws you in with the perfect mixture of elegance and professionalism. With professional photography and tasteful staging he is ready to help with anything from a small lease to a multi million dollar listing. His marketing is cohesive with his brand of giving exceptional service from start to finish. Whether you are on the buyers or sellers side of the table, Laurence is there every step of way making sure you are getting the best experience possible.

Knowing your Market

The Familee Team knows their market and has a background in finance that helps them when getting into the sticky stuff- negotiations. Knowing where the market trends are and getting a sense of the community is so important whether you are listing your home or trying to put a strong offer in. Being able to understand comparable listings to put the right initial offer in is SO important.. it can make or break the deal. A very important tool to make sure your agent has. Laurence knows the game and is well versed in the market trends. He will be the first to tell you an offer is too low to submit and jump right in when he knows its negotiating time. He’s there to be your front runner and handle the whole transaction with ease and confidence. This mentality is what creates success in his business, leaving clients with a positive experience and never feeling a sense of buyers remorse as they know they got the best service out there.

A positive reputation in the real estate community

One thing i’ve learned in this business is that being in the real estate field means making long lasting relationships with not only your clients but also with other agents in the industry. Positive relationships between agents is a huge part of a successful transaction. It is so important to be well known in positive light amongst the competition. Making sure to always communicate well with other agents is crucial. You cannot always be friends with everyone in the field but keeping an overall good repour amongst the others is what gives you the upper hand when handling transactions. Laurence takes pride in his ability to keep an upstanding reputation within the community as he knows that these connections help when trying to submit an offer. The trust that other agents have in him gives him the upper hand in all of his successes as they know he is a seasoned agent and handles transactions smoothly.

So Whether you are buying your first home, selling your home, or just want to learn more about your options, Laurence and the Familee team can now be your go-to choice for all of your real estate needs. They will provide you with exceptional service from start to finish and will exceed all expectations.

Feel free to check out his website and reach out to meet the newest member of your Familee.

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Nicole Perrault