Chadder & Co. is Making Traditional Bathroom Hardware More Breathtaking Than Ever

Chadder & Co. is bringing back the traditional bathroom in a more exciting way than ever—merging state-of-the-art craftsmanship with with one-of-a-kind designs that are elegant and captivating. Read more about the brand founded in 1986 in an interview with the founder’s son, Sam Chadder. 

1. Q: What do you think sets Chadder & Co. apart in the bath and hardware industry?

A: At Chadder & Co. We are constantly designing new products and are not afraid to be a little radical. We enjoy taking vintage styles and ideas and bringing them to the modern world. We still use traditional manufacturing methods to produce our unique products such as hand casting faucets, sand casting our basin frames and mirrors etc, so each product has its own personality.

chadder and co lions head bath filler basin filler brass tap faucet cyrstal leavers taps love bath tun kitchen mixer nickel gold chorme.jpg

2. Q: What is your favorite project you have worked on?

A: Our favourite project has to be working for the Royal Family and Her Majesty the Queen which has resulted in us being awarded the Royal Warrant of approval. We do love working for boutique hotels and restaurants though as our quirky products work perfectly when places are trying to be slightly different in style. 

3. Q: Do you have any new or exciting products debuting in 2019?

A: As we are constantly coming up with new projects we have many in the pipe line but without giving too much away we are hoping to finish off designs for a new Fish faucet to go along side our very popular Royal Lions Head filler. We have some interesting Mosaic designs we want to produce on the exterior of our baths to so keep your eyes peeled. 

4. Q: What is your favorite Chadder & Co. product?

A: I can't choose one! I am slightly biased because the two that i would choose i designed (this may upset my Father Martin Chadder who created Chadder & Co in 1986 but I’m sure the two i choose are in his top 10 too) so in would choose our Chadite Blenheim Bathtub with Blue Mother of Pearl Exterior and our Royal Lions Head bath Filler in Gold plate finish. 

5. Q: Do you find there has been an increase or decrease of  client requests for traditional bathroom products in the last few years? How do you foresee the future as industry leaders implement more and more modern and technology driven designs and products?

A: Traditional elegant and timeless designs will always stand tall against modern designs. Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in interest as we feel that many modern designs can tend to look very similar in style and it can be difficult to tell the difference from good quality fittings to perhaps the lower quality which is why our high end products are popular as they will stand the test off time. Design is like fashion, it can only go so far until it has to come back around. There is a great quote that fits are unique brand and it is “ Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever" by Ralph Lauren. 

Modern bathrooms may be in fashion, but traditional elegance style is forever.  With that said we feel the future if very bright for traditional style fittings for all over the home not only the bathroom (being the most important room of the home of course.

Nicole Perrault