2019 Kitchen + Bath Trends


Engineered Stone

Say goodbye to wine rings and and skillet spots, in the last few years alone the transition to engineered slabs have become the growing trend for kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces and nod towards an exponential increase in the future. Although nothing beats the timeless beauty of a one of a kind slab of marble, the porous natural stone’s changing veins have become easily mimicked in more durable materials that won’t be so quick to stain and crack. Alternatives such as quartz, porcelain, and NeoLith offer an extensive variety of manmade surfaces in different thickness that are ideal for those who really “live” in their home. 


Hardware + Appliance Finishes

When it comes to appliances, faucets and fixtures expect an expanded pallet. Industry leaders such as are all about matte black and brass, and Kohler has even debuted an award-winning line of ombre kitchen faucets. Chrome and Nickel haven’t been completely axed, but expect the broadened range to cater to a wider audience. 


Tile Play

As for tile, expect new shapes, patterns, colors, and a lot less tile liners. The more geometric and square edgers are taking over the rounded ends as we move into the end of the decades. Subway tile still remains a popular backsplash but there is more and more “play”—contrasting grout colors and vertical placement make for a fresh take. What once dominated the Santa Barbara style home has also emerged in more contemporary spaces, and yes we mean colorful patterned cement tiles. 

Nicole Perrault